Tarot cards have fascinated people for centuries, sparking curiosity with their mysterious symbols and pictures. While often associated with predicting the future or gaining insight into our lives, tarot cards can also be a powerful tool for setting goals. When we are using Tarot to set goals, we’re not looking to see what the future holds, but rather to explore our own thoughts and feelings about what we want to achieve.

We can think of each tarot card as a mirror, reflecting back parts of ourselves that we might not always pay attention to. By contemplating these reflections, we can uncover new goals or find fresh motivation for pursuing our dreams. It’s a way to have a conversation with ourselves about our deepest desires and the steps we need to take to make them come true.

Each card’s imagery and symbolism can act as a prompt, helping us to create a mental picture of our potential future. By putting these pictures together, just like pieces of a puzzle, we begin to see a clear path ahead. It’s about connecting with our intuition and allowing it to guide us in setting intentions that resonate with us on a personal level. Through tarot, we can set goals in a way that is thoughtful and aligned with our true selves.

Discovering the Tarot Deck

Major Arcana Cards for Goal Setting

Before we explore the Tarot deck, we need to understand that it’s a tool for reflection, and its imagery can help us clarify our goals.

Major Arcana Cards for Goal Setting

The Tarot deck is made up of two types of cards: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. When we talk about setting specific goals, we often look at the Major Arcana cards because they represent big life lessons and themes. Each card has a different picture that tells a story and helps us see our life from a new perspective. Here’s a brief overview:

  • The Fool (0):
    • Represents new beginnings. This is perfect when you’re setting out on a new goal that is a complete fresh start.
  • The Magician (I):
    • Symbolizes using your skills to achieve your goals. Imagine you have a magic wand to make your goal happen.
  • The High Priestess (II):
    • Encourages you to trust your intuition as you set your goals. Sometimes we know more than we think we do.

By looking at these cards, we can get a clearer idea of what we want to achieve and the steps we’ll need to take.

The First Thing to do Choosing the Right Tarot Cards

To find the right Tarot cards for your specific goal, it’s all about connection. Go through your Tarot deck and pick out cards that you feel drawn to. Trust your gut feeling! Here are some tips to make sure you choose well:

  1. Look at the images on the cards. Which ones remind you of your goal?
  2. Read the meanings. Which cards resonate with what you want to achieve?
  3. Check how you feel. Do some cards make you feel positive and excited? Those might be the ones!

Remember that choosing cards is personal. The cards that work for one person might not feel right to someone else. It’s all about finding what speaks to us and using that as a guide.

By combining self-reflection with the imagery of the Tarot, we can set powerful and meaningful goals. When we understand how to relate our intentions to the cards, setting and sticking to our goals becomes a much clearer process

Aligning Tarot With Your Goals

Using Tarot cards can help us set clear personal goals and outline methods to reach them. We’ll explore how to align Tarot readings with our aspirations.

Setting Personal Goals with Tarot

When we set our sights on a personal goal, using Tarot cards can offer guidance and reflection. Let’s say our goal is to improve our health. We can choose specific cards that symbolize health and growth, like The Sun for vitality and The Star for hope. By focusing on these cards, we refocus our energy on the goal we wish to achieve.

  • Selection of Cards:Pick cards that closely relate to your goal.
    • Example: For career advancement, cards like The Chariot can represent determination.
  • Regular Reflection: Draw a card each day as a daily reminder of your goal.

Using Tarot Spread for Goal Setting

Tarot spread is a way of laying out cards in a specific pattern, where each position can represent different aspects of our goal setting process. We can use a simple three-card spread that stands for:

  1. Current Situation: Understand where we’re starting from.
  2. Action Required: Identify steps needed to progress.
  3. Potential Outcome: Envision the success and outcome.

Here’s a table showing how we might interpret a spread focused on goal setting:

PositionCard DrawnInterpretation
Current SituationThe FoolStarting a new journey, openness.
Action RequiredThe MagicianUsing our skills to advance our path.
Potential OutcomeThe WorldAccomplishment and fulfillment.

By aligning our Tarot card readings with the specific stages of goal setting, we can create a roadmap that helps us visualize and commit to our personal goals.

We can create a roadmap that helps us visualize and commit to our personal goals.

Use this spread to help you set up your goals and determine possible roadblocks.

Goal Setting Tarot spread

Tarot Readings for Personal Growth

We can use tarot readings as a helpful tool to guide us in our quest for personal growth. Let’s explore how we can use the immense power from our tarot cards to take meaningful steps toward understanding ourselves better and making positive changes in our lives.

Next Steps Toward Personal Questions

Tarot cards can give us a nudge in the planning process when we’re feeling stuck. By asking questions focused on ourselves, like “What can I do to improve my communication skills?” or “How can I be more confident?”, we get personalized advice. We can start with a single card for a simple insight, or use a three-card spread representing past, present, and future to get a broader view of our personal growth journey.

Transformative Power of Daily Tarot

Integrating tarot into our daily routine can be transformative. Picking a card each day can set the tone for our day or give us something to reflect on. Here’s a simple structure for daily practice:

  1. Focus on a daily goal: Set an intention each morning.
  2. Draw a card: Connect the card’s meaning to your intention.
  3. Reflect: At day’s end, think about how the tarot’s message was reflected in your day’s events.

This daily engagement with tarot nurtures our ability to recognize patterns in our behavior and catalyze personal growth.

How can a tarot spread give you advice on what to do next in your life?

When we’re looking for what to do next, tarot can be like a map showing possible paths. A spread like the Pathway Spread involves laying out cards that represent our current position, desired direction, and steps to take. Using a goal spread can help you choose the right goal. It looks like this:

  1. Current Position: Gives insight into where we are now.
  2. Desired Direction: Sheds light on our goals and aspirations.
  3. Advice: Suggests what we can do to move towards our goal.

Through contemplating these cards, we get advice tailored to our journey that can help us choose our next step.

Setting SMART Goals With Tarot

When we use tarot cards, they can help us set goals that are really smart—not just clever, but S.M.A.R.T, meaning Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Let’s dive into how we can use tarot to form clear visions and create a smart goal four our action plans.

Crafting Clear Vision Tarot Goals

Creating a vision for our goals ensures we know exactly what we’re working toward. When we draw tarot cards, we can focus on what each card suggests about our aspirations. To set a Specific and Relevant goal, we ask ourselves, “What do these cards tell us about our true desires?” It’s like having a conversation with the cards to find out what we really want.

  • Specific: We get specific by honing in on details the cards reveal. If we draw the Ten of Pentacles, it might indicate aiming for financial stability.

We create a table to define our goal in tarot terms:

Tarot CardGoal CategorySpecific Goal
Ten of PentaclesFinancialSave enough money to buy a new laptop.

This makes our goal clear.

Creating an Action Plan with Tarot

After we are done setting goals, we craft an action plan. Tarot cards can guide us through the steps needed to achieve our goals. For example, the Chariot card encourages us to take determined action. We use the cards to outline the steps and keep them Measurable and Time-bound. Let’s make a list:

  1. Eight of Pentacles – Practice diligence; study for at least one hour daily.
  2. Two of Wands – Plan; break down the savings goal into monthly targets.
  3. The Star – Maintain hope and positive thinking even when it’s challenging.

With this action plan, we’re ready to charge ahead and make our goals a reality. The tarot adds a layer of depth and reflection to this process, making the goals we set not only smart but also deeply meaningful.

If you need more help setting goals or creating action plans, please join my Facebook Page. There will be people who can help you, including me. 😁

Tool for New Beginnings

As we say goodbye to the past year and welcome the coming year, it’s a perfect time to set new goals. Tarot cards can be a fun way to uncover our true wishes and craft a path forward.

Tarot for New Year Resolutions

With the end of the year, many of us think about next year’s resolutions. Tarot cards can guide our intentions and provide insights. Here’s how to use tarot for New Year resolutions:

  1. Reflect on the Past Year: Shuffle your deck while thinking about the past year’s experiences.
  2. Draw a Card for Guidance: Pick a card to represent what to focus on for the next year.
  3. Interpret the Card: Think about how this card’s message can shape your upcoming goals.
  4. Set Actionable Steps: Based on your card, list specific actions to achieve your resolutions.
  5. Create a to-do list 

Example: If we draw The Star, it could suggest striving for hope and inspiration in our goals for the new year.

Life-Changing Goals and Tarot

Life-changing goals need deep thought and clarity. Tarot can be our friend in this process:

  • Clarify Our Desires: Sometimes what we want isn’t clear. Pulling a card can highlight our deepest aspirations.
  • Identify Obstacles: A card like The Tower may suggest we prepare for potential challenges.
  • Set Phases: Major Arcana cards can represent different phases of our journey. We can plan our goals around the stages these cards suggest.

By using tarot as a tool, we connect our intuition with practical planning, creating a powerful blueprint for transformation in the coming year.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll cover some of the most common questions about using tarot cards to set goals and make life decisions.

What are the top tarot cards that can help you figure out your career path?

The Magician card is great for highlighting your skills and talents, which can guide you towards the best career. The Wheel of Fortune can suggest changing careers or the right timing for a career move.

What’s a cool tarot spread that’s also fun to do?

A three-card spread can be both simple and insightful. For example, one card for your dream job, one for the path to get there, and one for the challenges you might face. It’s fun and gives us clear direction.

Can a tarot reading show you how to save and manage your money better?

The Four of Pentacles helps us understand our current relationship with money, while the Six of Pentacles can offer guidance on sharing and managing resources. A reading with these cards may provide helpful insights.

Is it a good idea to use tarot cards when you’re thinking about your dream life and overcoming fears?

Absolutely! The Star card can inspire us with hope and goals for our dream life, and Strength helps us understand the courage we have to overcome fears. Using these cards can be uplifting and motivating.

Are you allowed to use tarot cards for making your wishes come true?

While tarot cards can’t make wishes come true, the Nine of Cups, known as the “wish card,” helps us visualize our wishes and the steps we need to take to fulfill them. It’s like a personal cheerleader for our aspirations.

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