using tarot and the law of attraction

Tarot cards are pretty cool, aren’t they? We use them to understand our lives better. But did you know we can also combine tarot cards with something called the law of attraction? Using Tarot and the Law of Attraction together is a powerful way to make things happen FAST. It’s like turning dreams into reality. Think of tarot as a friend who reflects your energies back to you. The law of attraction is like a magnet that pulls those secrets into the real world. Just using our regular 78-card deck, it’s like we are inviting the Universe to bring what we want to life.

Tarot has been around for ages and has a rich tradition. People from all over have been using Tarot cards to help then get what they want. Now, let’s mix that tradition with the law of attraction, which tells us if we really want something and believe in it, we can get it. When we use our powerful tarot cards with our goals and dreams in mind, we’re setting ourselves up for some pretty exciting possibilities.

Using tarot and the law of attraction starts with understanding each card in the deck and using them to help us clarify our thoughts and emotions. We look at the pictures and symbols on the cards and think about what we want to attract. Some say it’s like having a chat with the universe about our hopes and dreams, and the universe actually listens. So, let’s explore how we can make these tools work for us and maybe have some fun along the way.

Law of Attraction Fundamentals

Before we explore how powerful the magic of tarot combined with the law of attraction, are we should get familiar with the basics. The law of attraction states that when we focus on positive thoughts, we attract positive things into our lives, and when we allow negative thoughts to cloud our mind, we might find less of the good stuff coming our way. Now, let’s break down the fundamentals, so we can start using Tarot and the Law of Attraction to create our best life.

Defining the Amazing Principle

The Law of Attraction is about the power of using our mind to transform whatever we focus on into reality. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Thoughts Are Powerful: Our thoughts have the amazing ability to shape the world around us.
  • Like Attracts Like: Positive thoughts tend to attract positive outcomes, and the reverse is also true for negative thoughts.

This idea is nothing new, the Law of Attraction has been around for a long tie. It’s an amazing mindset to have. You always feel better when you focus on the positive and when you focus that way, more positivity comes your way.

Cultivating Positive Mindset

To get the law of attraction working for us, we have to learn to notice when our thoughts go sideways and keep them positive. Here’s what we need to do:

  1. Recognize Negative Thinking: First, notice when we’re starting to have negative thoughts.
  2. Flip the Switch: Once we notice the negative thoughts, turn them to the positive. This might be tricky at first, but it will become easier to do with practice.
  3. Visualize Our Best Life: Regularly imagine what our best life looks like to solidify what we want to attract.

Always turning our thoughts to the positive leaves us open to whatever opportunities the Universe sends our way.

Applying Tarot to Manifest Your Desires

When we use tarot cards, we’re tapping into our intuition to bring our deepest desires to life. Here’s how to use this powerful tool to focus our intentions and help make our dreams a reality.

What’s the Best Time to Do a Tarot Reading for Manifesting My Goals?

The best time for us to do a tarot reading is when we feel calm and clear-headed. I would suggest doing this during the new moon. It is a perfect time to ask the Universe for help and let the Universe know what you want the most. This is when the moon energy is high. Let’s make sure we’re in the right mindset to ask the tarot how we can achieve our goals.

How Can Tarot Cards Help with Achieving My Dreams and Wishes?

Tarot cards reflect what we want, our deepest desires, helping us to see what’s inside us that will help or hurt our progress. For example, pulling the Magician card could tell us that we already have the skills and resources we need – we just have to apply them. If we draw an extra card, it could suggest unexpected help is on the way to assist us in our journey.

Aligning Tarot with Life Goals

To align the tarot with our life goals, we need to first be clear about what we want. We might meditate on the desired outcome, like a loving relationship, beforehand. Then, as we shuffle, we’ll focus on our intention, allowing the cards to guide our next steps to achieve these targets.

Card Spreads for Focused Intentions

Using specific card spreads can concentrate our energy on certain aspects of our lives. A simple five -card spread might look like this:

But for deeper insight, we might use a more specialized spread that centers around our specific intention, like finding a new job.

Creating a Personalized Tarot Ritual

Starting a ritual around our tarot readings makes the experience more personal. We might light a scented candle, play some soft music, or sit in a special spot whenever we want to do a reading. Rituals are personal and can be anything you want.

An interesting twist to add to your Tarot ritual could be adding oracle cards to your reading as well. Both Tarot decks and Oracle decks are powerful tools you can use in your tarot card reading. Make sure to include all the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and Court cards in your ritual. Some people like to work only with the Major Arcana, but in order to get the most out of your reading, use the 78-card deck.

Combining Tarot and Law of Attraction

Amplifying Intentions with Both Tools

When we use tarot cards, we get a picture of our current energy and possible future. By knowing what we want (that’s the Law of Attraction part), we will pick cards that will support our dreams. Tarot cards help us boost our focus and intention. The more symbols you notice, the better the reading will be.

If you aren’t sure of what you want, you can use your tarot cards to help figure out your dreams, both known and unknown. There are other different ways to clarify what you want, you could journal with a deck of Tarot cards or use a Law of Attraction Tarot card deck. You can also try meditating. 

Which tarot cards are the most powerful for bringing good vibes and opportunities?

Each tarot card has its own vibe, but for attracting positivity, major arcana cards like The SunThe Star, and The Magician are like magnets. The Sun brings happiness, The Star offers hope, and The Magician empowers us with the resources we need. Keeping images of these cards around can help us stay focused on what’s good and what’s coming.

Building Loving Relationships and Attracting Success

Tarot doesn’t just tell us the future; it advises us, too. If we’re looking for love, cards like The Lovers or minor arcana cards such as The Ten of Cups can remind us of the harmony we’re searching for. For job success, cards like The Chariot can signal the drive and determination we need to reach our goals.

How can I How understand using Tarot and the law of attraction is telling me about my life?

We need to ask ourselves what we truly want and then see how the cards that come up relate to those desires. If we pull a card like The Tower, it might mean we have some changes to make before our powerful reality can take shape. We should study the card’s meaning and see how it can guide us toward positive thinking and actions.

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Can tarot predict my future?
Tarot cards aren’t about predicting the future; they’re tools for self-reflection. They can highlight possible outcomes based on where you are right now.

Remember, tarot and the Law of Attraction are about focusing on what you want and understanding yourself better. Keep an open mind, and have fun exploring!

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