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Tarot readings will give you a lot to think about and steps to help you meet your goals. If you would a more accurate tarot reading, there are some easy ways to do that!

It’s by asking the right questions.

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Why are asking the right questions important

In a lot of ways, the questions you ask are going to impact the quality of your tarot reading. There are three reasons why questions are so important

  • Specific: Using specific questions will help give specific answers. Let’s say you ask a general question about your romantic life, “What’s up in my love life?” You will get an answer from the cards, but it might not be satisfying.
  • Context: Asking the right questions that include whatever circumstances and how the querent is feeling will help frame the answer. Personalized queries reflect the particular circumstances and emotions of the querent.
  • Action Steps: Specific questions will give you better guidance on what to do next.
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Creating Effective Tarot Questions

These are some ways I have improved my questioning ability to improve the accuracy of my tarot reading.

Focus on Specific Areas

One way to improve your questions is to focus on one specific area of your life you want guidance on. Here a few ideas of ways to ask questions in specific areas

  • Love and Relationships: “What are some steps I can take to improve my relationship with my significant other?” This is specific because it is for a specific purpose: what steps can I take. Also, it is specifically asking about the significant other.
  • Career and Finances: “What should I focus on to achieve my career goals?” This one is specific because it wants to know what to do (achieve goals) and it’s asking about a career.
  • Personal Growth: “How can I cultivate more self-awareness and inner peace?” I like this one because the question focuses on the querent (I) and what the person wants. (self-awareness and inner peace.”

If you are looking for a resource to help create inner peace, I have some affirmation cards in my Etsy shop.

Avoid Yes/No Questions

This one won’t get you anywhere. What’s left after you get your yes or no to your questions. I don’t use this type of question, and will work with a client to reword the question so it will be more in depth

How and Why questions will give your reading more meat to to think about. The answers will be more detailed.

  • For example: Instead of asking “Will I get the job?” After you get a yes or no answer, there is nothing left to find out about. Instead you could ask “What can I do to increase my chances of getting the job?”
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Open-Ended Questions

My favorite type of questions. Open ended questions are questions that require more than a yes or no answer. I find that using the questions How, Why, and What are great ways to ask open ended questions to improve the accuracy of your tarot reading.

These types of questions need more than a yes or no. You could ask, “Do I make good decisions?” It’s a yes or no answer.

However if you ask “What influences are affecting my decision-making process right now?” you will get more specific ideas about how you are making decisions.

Here are some question starters you can use if you are struggling to ask a question:

  • What can I do to…
  • How can I …
  • What can Iearn from
  • What should I focus on to…
  • How can I align myself…

These are great stepping of points until you get used to asking open ended questions. Before you know it, you will be a pro

Steps to creating accurate Questions

Here are a few helpful hints about asking questions for an accurate tarot reading.

Checklist for creating accurate questions for tarot reading

What is your area of concern?

First thing you want to do is sit quietly and reflect or meditate on what you really want to know. You can do this by creating your questions in your tarot journal.

Ask accurate questions

Make you questions as short as possible, but still open ended enough to get an accurate tarot reading.

  • Heres an example: Instead of asking “Will I find love and will it be with someone who understands me and supports my career?” ask “What can I do to find a supportive and understanding partner?”

While the first question seems to be asking a great question, in fact it is made up of 2 yes/no questions, which won’t get you what you are looking for.

The second question is much more specific, and focuses on what “I” can do.

Incorporate Emotional Needs

Adding questions about your emotional needs and well being into a tarot spread is making sure you are taking care of yourself. A lot of times, you are asking for guidance in some way, like what actions to take next and what should you be aware of.

By asking questions about your emotions, you are taking care of yourself mind, body, and soul. Here’s an example question about your feelings or emotions:

How can I overcome my fear of failure in my new project?

I have to admit, I usually don’t ask questions about my feelings, but it is something I am going to start doing. Maybe you will consider it as well. We all have feelings that are hard to deal with, so using tarot to help with that will be beneficial.

Joining my Facebook group is another resource to learn more about tarot and manifesting.

Examples of Accurate questions to ask

Here are a few more examples of questions that are specific and well written.

  • General Guidance: “What should I be aware of in my current situation?”
  • Decision Making: “What are the potential outcomes if I choose to take this new job?”
  • Conflict Resolution: “What steps can I take to resolve the tension with my colleague?”
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Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Here are a few things you want to avoid when you are creating questions for an accurate tarot reading.

Vague Questions: Don’t ask questions like “What does the future hold?” It’s not specific enough, and this question is suggesting that your free will is not considered. You have the choice in everything you do. Sometimes the answers are murky, or suggest things you don’t want to do.

Multiple Questions in One: Break down complex questions into simpler parts. If you have more than one question, you might consider creating a 3 question tarot spread for a more accurate tarot reading.

Let’s look at this question from above, “Will I find love and will it be with someone who understands me and supports my career?” We can easily turn this into a 3 card tarot spread.Want to learn how to read 2 cards together? I have a blog post for that!

  1. What steps can I take to prepare for when I meet my true love?
  2. How can I ensure this person will understand me?
  3. What can I do to make sure this person supports my career?

There was a whole lot to unpack in that large question, and as I said earlier, they were all yes/no questions.

Practice and Patience

Just like learning to read tarot cards asks you to practice a lot and have patience, so does learning to ask great tarot questions. My suggestions to you are to practice regularly and keep an open mind about the answers, even if they are surprising at first.

If you follow these guidelines, you soon will be asking questions like a pro. The accuracy of your tarot readings will get better over time.

Just keep practicing!

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