Are you fascinated by how tarot readings can help you see things about yourself that you didn’t even know? Let’s face it, using 3 card tarot spreads for beginners is the bread and butter of tarot. You can’t go wrong.

While you can find a ton of these 3 card spreads online, I have recently created something for you that I think is pretty special! I would like to introduce 25 3 Card Tarot Spreads and Journal!

25 Three card tarot spreads V1 with journal.

You are going to love this because you can use these spreads over and over again, and if you noticed, this is Volume 1. I have 2 other volumes that will be released very soon!

You are the inspiration for these new tarot spreads and journals. I wanted something that went beyond the basic 3 card tarot spreads, like past, present, future or you, the other person, your relationship.

There are a couple of spreads like that, because they are great 3 card spreads, but I wanted tarot spreads that went a little deeper.

Why Use a 3 card tarot spread for beginners?

Like I said, I think of 3-card spreads as a staple in tarot. It will give you more information than a 1 card spread, but not as advanced as a 5-12 card spread.

What is a 3 card spread?

  • Quick snapshot– these spreads can be laser focused so you get information quickly about a situation
  • Structured– since they are 3 cards and 3 questions, they focus on one particular area
  • Flexible– it sounds like an oxymoron from the previous bullet point, but overall 3 card spreads can be applied to any question, and the interpretations will be different every time
  • Insightful– it might only be 3 cards, but the cards each have their own set of meanings, and when combined with the other cards you can get a lot of information about your question

Why use a 3 card tarot spread?

There are tons of benefits to using this type of tarot spread. Here are a few:

  • Lots of information– You can get a lot of information using a 3 card spread, not just what each card means. You can go deeper by interpreting the cards as pairs as well as individually
  • Track Growth– you can use the same spread over and over, so for example, I am trying to change my relationship with food. If I use the same 3 card tarot spread questions once a month, I can see how I am growing and where I need some more work. This has worked great for me so far!
  • Flexible– you can repeat the same spread as often as you want, or you can use different 3 card spreads in your tarot journal every day

Here is an example of the Adventure Spread in my new 25 3 Card Tarot Spreads V1 Journal

Adventure 3 card tarot spread

If you are looking for a bit of excitement, or if you are restless, this is a great spread for you! You get to look at what your current routine is, what kind of adventure you are looking for, and what the first step to take on your new adventure.

There is plenty of space to write about each card, and then a space to interpret the cards as a whole, so you get the benefit of each card meaning, and then a message putting together all 3 cards.

There are tarot spreads about self-growth, relationships, self-development, spirituality, career development, self-reflection, creativity, and planning the future.

How to use a 3 card Tarot spread journal

The first thing you need to do is download the tarot reading journal PDF. Then you can upload it to something like a reMarkable 2, or to a note taking app like GoodNotes, Evernote, or whatever your favorite app is.

As an alternative, you can print out the whole journal, or just the pages you want. I am old school, so I download and print the journal! As much as I want to be a digital gal, I always go back to paper, lol.

Once you do that, choose which tarot spread you want to use. In my new tarot journal, there are 25 spreads to choose from.

The next step is to draw your cards. Make sure to use your favorite way to shuffle your cards, and then choose 3 cards. Place them in the order you draw them, like in the picture above.

Now the fun stuff starts! You can record each card in the numbered boxes on the page. The boxes are plenty big enough. When I am recording cards, I like to use a short hand of sorts. If I draw the 10 of Pentacles, I write 10 of P. This way I know there will be enough room.

Then you reflect on each card and write down what comes to mind for the card and the question. Trust your intuition!! At the bottom of the page, there is a place to interpret all 3 cards together. It is much like doing a 2 card reading, except you have 3 cards.

An optional, but fun part of tarot journaling is to decorate the pages. You can use stickers, stamps, washi tape, scrapbook paper, or whatever else calls to your heart.

Joining my Facebook group is another resource to learn more about tarot and manifesting.

Other tips to make the most of your reading

Here are a few other ideas to consider when you are doing your 3 card tarot spreads for beginners:

  • Gather Materials– your reading will go a lot smoother if you have everything you need before hand. You need your tarot deck, something to write with, your journal or digital device, and anything you want to use to decorate your page.
  • Plan your Reading– I need to schedule everything, or it just won’t get done. Plan when and where you will do your reading. Ideally, it will be a quiet, cozy place.
  • Regular Reflection-make sure you spend time reviewing your tarot readings to look for any patterns that have come up. Do you notice any growth? Have you been getting Swords a lot in your readings? What do you think that might mean.

Next Steps

I would love it if you went to check out my 25-3 Card Tarot Spreads Journal v1.. It’s such a great resource to have all the spreads in one place. You can print or do only the spreads you want, but I don’t think you will want to skip any. Plus there are so many different themes to choose from. Let me know what you think!

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